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Robin Red Breast

Birds Building Nests are a sure sign of Spring

Every year, I listen for the first sign of spring. For

Bald Eagle Flying in Washington

The Bald Eagle | Why it Matters to Me

I grew up living next to one a zoo but didn’t

View from Antelope Island, January 2015, showing ice and snow at the edge of the lake and the snow covered mountains beyond underneath a blue sky.

Why Photography is Important to Me

There are tons of photographers in the world today.

Band of Horses - photo by

Interstate 80 through Wyoming | Travel Photographer

Several times a year, and at least once during the

Grand Canyon, North Rim - Arizona - photo by

Grand Canyon | Nature Photographer

Grand Canyon National Park has been one of my favorite

Wilson Arch - Arches National Park - photo by

Wilson Arch | Arches National Park

We got a chance to visit my first of all the

Caves and Flowers – Virgin River Gorge Photographer

I grew up in California’s high desert and love

Spring is Coming, Slowly but Surely

Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The

Midway Ice Castles - taken by

Midway Ice Castles

The Midway Ice Castles were only open for three nights

T h i s   M i g h t   I n t e r e s t   Y o u
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