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Attitude of Gratitude, Week 2 | Get Personal

Another week of November, another week of remembering

Attitude of Gratitude, Take 1 | Get Personal

This being November, I am participating in a 30 Days

Memes Take 15 | Inspiring Quotes

The images from this week were from two inspiring

Memes Take 14 | Inspiring Quotes

Another week of flowers and memories added to some of

Memes Take 13 | Inspirational Quotes

This week I have been busy reflecting on life and

Memes Take 12 | Inspirational Quotes

This week’s memes and their related images are

Memes Take 11 | Inspirational Quotes

This week’s memes contain some of my favorite

Week 10 Memes | Inspirational Quotes

The collection of memes for week 10 has a subtle theme

Memes Take 9 | Inspirational Quotes

This week’s set of quotes comes from a variety

T h i s   M i g h t   I n t e r e s t   Y o u
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